Having a fireplace in your home can be absolutely wonderful.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in front of an open fire. With that said, fireplaces can be a hazard. Follow these safety tips offered by the leading distributor of Guelph fireplaces, Ultra Comfort.

Don’t Leave The Fireplace On When No One Is Around

If you’re starting a fire, you need to make sure that people are there to monitor that fire. You need to ensure that someone will be able to notice an issue if it arises. You shouldn’t ever have a fire going in your fireplace if you’re not home. You should also make a point of putting out fires before you go to bed.

If a log or another item were to be knocked loose from your fireplace, it could start a fire. However, if you’re awake and around to notice the problem, you’ll be able to fix it right away.

Clean Out Your Fireplace Regularly

Fireplaces can’t be left alone; they need to be cleaned out. If the smoke from your fireplace can’t leave your home, you could wind up breathing it in. This can be very dangerous.

You’ll need to make sure your fireplace always stays clean. You may want to have it cleaned by a professional from time to time. If you work with a pro, you’ll know that your fireplace is in great shape. Have someone clean your fireplace annually. It can make a big difference.

Have The Right Tools

If you have a few basic tools, you’ll be able to use your fireplace safely. You’ll want a basic set of fireplace tools. If you have a poker, for example, you’ll be able to control the fire without putting your hands near the flames.

You’ll also want to have a way of blocking off the fireplace. Having some sort of safety gate can keep items from falling too far out of your fireplace. It can also keep children or animals from getting too close to the fireplace and injuring themselves. Never use a fireplace without the appropriate tools.

If you follow these safety tips for fireplaces in homes, then using your fireplace shouldn’t be an issue. You’ll be able to use your fireplace without any problems. You won’t have to worry about what could go wrong. You’ll be able to keep your home and everyone in it safe.